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Introduction to Women’s Studies:

Theoretical Concepts and Sources of Knowledge

Level I Semester I

3 Credits

GEND 1103 | AR11C

This course aims to:

  • Introduce students to the field and to feminism, which can be defined as a conscious opposition to gender hierarchies;
  • Untangle the complex web of oppression and privileges based on race, class, gender and sexual orientation in order to understand their impact on the wider society;
  • Celebrate women’s struggles for autonomy and empowerment;
  • Examine men’s responses to women’s movements and the ways in which women’s subordination negatively affects men;
  • Use all the skills available to us: observation, speaking, reading and listening critically in an effort to work together in an environment of active learning

It is a recommended pre-requisite course for the Minor in Gender Studies and highly recommended for the Minor in Gender and Development Studies.