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Dr. Kishi Animashaun Ducre's “East Port of Spain Photovoice Exhibition” at the National Library and Information Service (NALIS), Port of Spain, July 2011


The IGDS Library and Documentation Centre

The IGDS St. Augustine Unit has a small documentation centre housing an assortment of books, reports, newsletters and newspaper clippings on topics related to the work of the Institute. Individuals may browse materials from the Documentation Centre and request photocopies. Please check back from time to time as the Database is continually updated.


Databases of Material stored at the Centre

You may download the PDFs below and search the collections.


INSTRUCTIONS: In Adobe Acrobat, please use the “Find” function to search the PDF. Depending on what version of Acrobat you have, you may need to go to the "Edit" menu in the top left corner of your screen, scroll down, and click on the "find" function. Type your search word in the space provided. Click on your arrows to browse through the search results. If you are not getting results, please simplify your search using one word (such as a surname).

All resources from the Reading Room and Documentation Centre are for reading or photocopy at IGDS only. IGDS does not loan any material from the Reading Room or Documentation Centre.

The library can also be searched on the computer in the library. Instructions will be made available in due course. In the mean time, you can email the Documentalist.

For information about resources in the IGDS Reading Room and to request items please email the IGDS Documentalist Ms. Tessa Ottley. Make sure to indicate your research topic. You may also call her during her office hours. If Ms. Ottley is not in office when a student wishes to use the Reading Room, she will leave available resources for the student in the readings space or at the front desk depending.

IGDS, The UWISpace

The Alma Jordan Library Digital Collections

The UWI, St. Augustine

The Institute for Gender and Development Studies (IGDS) of the St Augustine Campus of the UWI, formerly the Centre for Gender & Development Studies (CGDS), is committed to a programme of teaching, research and outreach, which, among other things, seeks an understanding of the world which takes women and men, their lives and achievements into account. The IGDS’ objective is to produce and disseminate knowledge based on the generation and analysis of research data on women, men and / or gender-related issues in the Caribbean. The IGDS UWI DSpace collection includes: papers, outcome documents and proceedings from CGDS Workshops and Conferences over the years, affiliated, associate and Institute staff and student research, course information and other material.