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2016 graduates include MSc's: Tivia Collins, Rachel Thomas, Tricia Basdeo,
Nirmala Chartar, Shelley-Ann Hart and Sarah Nabbie

2015: L to R: Lisa McDonald, MSc;
Aleah Ranjitsingh, PhD;
Sabrina Mowlah Baksh, MSc.

2014 L to R: Charen Glasgow MSc;
Natasha Mahabir-Persad, MSc;
Rachael Espinet, MSc.




  • Aleah Ranjitsingh, PhD, 2015. Winning or losing ground? Women and Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian revolution in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
  • Lisa Marie McDonald, MSc, 2015. Women’s experiences of achieving senior leadership positions in the finance industry in Trinidad.
  • Sabrina Mowlah-Baksh, MSc, 2015. The decision to run: Experiences of women who have succeeded in winning elected public office.
  • Marissa Richardson, MSc, 2015. Internship report on components of the Rape Crisis Society of Trinidad and Tobago and the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition against Domestic Violence.


  • Rachel Espinet, MSc, 2014. To queer or not to queer: Interrogating bodies in Shani Mootoo’s Valmiki’s Daughter.
  • Charen Glasgow, MSc, 2014. Resisting a sexist ideology: Responses to sexual harassment by women security officers in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Natasha Mahabir-Persad, MSc, 2014. Desire It! Define It! Live It! First Time Mothers and Empowerment.
  • Angela Mills MSc. 2014. Ten years and counting: A study of the factors that impact marital satisfaction in the East-West Corridor and Central Trinidad.

  • Celise Patrick-Alfred, MSc, 2014. Economic empowerment and government programming in gender and development: A review of the Women in Harmony project.


  • Catherine Ali, PhD, 2013. "Getting through" What constitutes empowerment in negotiations in Trinidad.
  • Sue Ann Barratt, PhD, 2013. Investigating the relevance of perceptions of gender identity to interpersonal communication conflict.
  • Kelly Ann Sambrano, MSc, 2013. A study of black enslaved women’s use of sexual negotiations for their survival and advancement in British West Indian colonies 1750-1834.
  • Nneka St Rose, MSc, 2013. Young ‘Trini’ romance: The way Trinidadian adolescents view gender roles through romance on Gossip Girl.


  • Nicholas Ronnie Gilbert, MSc, 2012. Masculinism and the reproduction of criminogenic behaviour in Trinidad prison.
  • Karen Hull-LaCoa, MSc, 2012. An internship experience at the Gender Affairs Division, Trinidad: Reflections.


  • Camille Michelle Samuel, PhD, 2010. Corporate turnaround and gender in Trinidad: Exclusionary practices in corporate turnaround leadership.
  • Veronica Farrell, MPhil, 2010. Female displacement and dispossessionin the fiction of Jean Rhys.
  • Eve Louise Ebbeson, MSc, 2010.  The incidents and perceptions of sexual harassment on the St Augustine Campus of The University of the West Indies.
  • Anusha J Ragbir, MSc, 2010. Staging "Indianness": the production of visibility in Indian beauty pageants in Trinidad.


  • Jacqueline Burgess, MSc, 2009. The complexities of fatherhood: challenges of the absent male in Trinidad and Tobago.


  • Denise Sherline Merkitch, MSc, 2008. The evolution and effectiveness of the gender mainstreaming project in Tobago 1999 to 2001.



  • Wayne Riley, MPhil, 2005. The ordination of women the Seven Day Adventist Church.


  • Gabrielle Jamela Hosein, MPhil, 2004. Gender, generation and negotiation: adolescence and young Indo-Trinidadian women's identities in the late 20th century.


  • Donna Drayton, MPhil, 2003. Gender and adult literacy with specific reference to the Adult Literacy Tutors Association (ALTA) of Trinidad and Tobago.