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Philosophy of Gender

At Undergraduate Level
Level III Semester I
3 Credits

GEND 3501


At Graduate Level

Semester I

4 Credits

GEND 6002 (MSc)

GEND 7001 (MPhil)
GEND 8001 (PhD)

This course aims to provide students with tools for critical thinking and analysis and engages in philosophical discussions about the relationships between one’s gender and society. It asks the questions - What kind of society do we want to create? What are we saying about the roles, responsibilities and relationships between men and women in society that make for a more equitable distribution of labour, power and privilege? Why should we aim to build societies in which equality and justice of gender, race and class, are the cornerstones of our civilization? This course will engage students in a feminist critique of western thought and knowledge, equipping them with the tools and concepts to guide, analyse and challenge you to consider the ethical and moral dilemmas abounding in the contemporary world we inhabit. While exposing you to the universal and generic issues raised in all human philosophy, the material of this course and particularly that in the sister course GEND 5002/6003/7002/8002 is grounded in Caribbean reality.

*** This course is taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels.