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Politics, Power and Gender Justice

in the Anglophone Caribbean: Women’s Understanding of Politics, Experiences of Political Contestation and the Possibilities for Gender Transformation



Gabrielle Hosein
This research project examines four strategies to promote democratic governance, women’s rights and gender equality. First, women’s political leadership is explored for the extent to which it creates greater governmental will and capacity to more actively and effectively transform gender relations both within and outside of the state. Second, quota systems are assessed for their impact on effective women’s participation and leadership in representative government. Third, the usefulness of National Gender Policy documents for promoting gender equality is evaluated.

Finally, the impact of feminist movement-building on women’s capacity to be effective transformational leaders within democratic political life is investigated. Regional and historical reviews of each strategy are being conducted as well as ethnographic and qualitative national case studies in Dominica and Jamaica (national gender policies), Trinidad and Tobago (women’s political leadership), St. Lucia (transformational leadership) and Guyana (electoral quota systems). Examination of these four strategies will provide a lens for theorising how the intersections of women’s leadership, men’s gender consciousness and masculinist, liberal state structures provide both opportunities for and resistances against greater gender justice In the Anglophone Caribbean.