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See introduction to the issues and editors.
The journal is being transfered to the Online Journal System in 2016. The new url will be announced in 2016, however an archive of editors and contributors will be kept at the current url.

Print Publications include:

CGDS Public Lectures Series; Occasional Bibliography Series; Working Papers Series.


Small Booklets for sale

  • Valerie Youssef and Sue Ann Barratt Guidelines for Use of Non-Sexist Language at The University of the West Indies, IGDS 2015 TT$12.00 each
  • Elsa Leo-Rhynie, Gender Studies: Crossing Boundaries, Charting New Directions (2003) TT$12.00 each
  • Patricia Mohammed, Stories in Caribbean Feminism: Reflections on the Twentieth Century (1998) (Out of print. Reprinted in the CRGS Archival Issue9, Sept 2015)

Non-sexist language crossing boundaries Making of caribbean feminisms


Bibliographies for sale

(TT$5.00 each or 3 for TT$10.00)

  • Lutishoor Salisbury & Sharon Soodeen-Karamath, Women & Development Studies Bibliographical Series, Vol. 1 – Agriculture (1990) (No pic)
  • Natalie Boodram, Gender and the Environment: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography, 1993-1996
  • Natalie Boodram, Gender, Science and Technology: A Bibliographic Guide, 1993-1996
  • Lutishoor Salisbury, Women in Science and Technology: A Selected and Annotated Bibliography (1996)

bibliography environment bibliography science and technology bibliography women science and technology


Working Papers for sale

($5.00 each or 6 for $20.00)

  • Joan M. Rawlins, Midlife and Older Women in Jamaica: Coping with Family Life and Work Situations
  • Victoria Pasley, Black Power, Gender Ideology, Cultural Change and the Beginnings of Feminist Discourse in Urban Trinidad in the 1970’s
  • Cheryl Lans and Niels Roling, Feminist Methods: Women, Traditional Health Knowledge and Ethnoveterinary Knowledge
  • Mindie Lazarus-Black, Law and the Politics of Inclusion: Women's Experiences in Antigua
  • Paula Morgan, "Like Bush Fire in My Arms": Interrogating the World of Caribbean Romance
  • Maarit Laitinen, Aspects of Gender in the Spiritual Baptist Religion in Tobago: Notes from the Field
  • Mindie Lazarus-Black, The Rite of Domination: Tales From the Domesitc Violence Court
  • Stephanie Seguino, Why are Women in the Caribbean so much more likely than Men to be Unemployed


Audio Visual Publications

Becoming Elsa, 2008
Directors: Patricia Mohammed and Hilary Nicholson, Ed. Michael Mooleedhar and Christopher Ding Chong. Producer: IGDS Regional Coordinating Unit, The UWI, Mona

Engendering Change: Caribbean Configurations, 2007.
Directors: Mohammed, Patricia and Paddington, Luke


Audio Visual Publications for sale

(TT$75.00 each)

Nariva 1 Nariva 2
  • The Nariva Swamp: A Contested Wetland, Issues of Gender and Sustainability, 2006.
    DVD format. Produced by Paddington, Bruce & Hosein, Gabrielle
  • Living With the Wetlands: Women, Men and the Nariva Swamp, 2002. DVD format. Produced by Paddington, Bruce & Hosein, Gabrielle (video format)


IGDS St. Augustine Unit Staff Publications

Staff online, book and other publications are included on staff member pages.


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