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Research Design and Methods

4 credits
GEND 6106 (Diploma/MSc)
GEND 7106 (MPhil)
GEND8106 (PhD)

Research Design and Methods is shaped to refine and enhance the process of data collection and data analysis skills. It gives students overall guidance in crafting appropriate research projects and makes special reference to the critique provided by gender studies of mainstream social science projects. Thus, feminist and gender concerns are central themes throughout this course.


Core thematic areas to be covered in this course are as follows:

  • Epistemology and methodology; ways of knowing.
  • The politics of knowledge representation.
  • Defining and debating feminist methodologies.
  • Understanding research philosophies and choosing a conceptual framework
  • Understanding data collection approaches and critiques.
  • Formulating research designs.
  • Analyzing qualitative and quantitative data using software.
  • Negotiating access and issues of ethics.
  • Writing the research proposal and appropriate referencing.
  • Presenting projects/research proposals.


  • To explore and discuss various social science research methods and their epistemological positions;
  • To explore and discuss various definitions of methods and epistemologies;
  • To explore and discuss the various critiques provided by feminist epistemological positions;
  • To examine how understandings about knowledge can/should influence the design of students’ individual research projects;
  • To produce research projects which are valid and reliable;
  • To assess and manage the ethical dilemmas which may arise at the various stages of the research process;
  • To produce and present well referenced research projects which reflect critical thinking and writing.