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Sommer Hunte

Ph.D, Interdisciplinary Gender Studies


Sommer Hunte is a PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in government and politics from St. John's University, New York and an MSc in global studies from The UWI, St. Augustine Campus. Her field of research is in the areas of policy, gender and development and feminist political theory.


Working Title for Dissertation

Mapping Post-Independence Social (Family) Policy in Trinidad and Tobago: the Impact and Off-shoots of Social Constructions in a Nation Building Exercise

Graduate Research Seminars

  • Friday 28 November — State Intervention(ism) in Afro- Caribbean Family Development in Post- 1950 Trinidad and Tobago 1950 Nation Building Exercise


Key Words

family/social policy; family; post-independence; trinidad and tobago

Areas of Research


Gender and development

Feminist political theory


Relevant Forums/Conferences Attended

IGDS 20th Anniversary Conference, November 2013

Caribbean Studies Association, 2012

Recent/Current Employment
Research Assistant,, IGDS, St. Augustine Unit