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Teaching Overview

Individual Courses

Individual undergraduate and graduate courses are open to any student, in any faculty, across Campus.

Undergraduate Minors and Courses

In its interdisciplinary teaching programme, the Institute offers undergraduate courses through various departments and faculties on the St. Augustine campus. It offers a Minor in Gender Studies in the Faculty of Humanities and Education and a Minor in Gender and Development in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Each of these programmes is available to students of the relevant faculties and in most instances, to students of other faculties or departments as well.

Minor in Gender Studies (FHE)
Minor in Gender and Development Studies (FSS)
List of Courses

Postgraduate Studies

The Institute offers a range of interdisciplinary post-graduate degrees. These attract a diverse intake of students who bring different areas of expertise and knowledge to seminars, courses and research projects. Postgraduate Studies cater to the multi-faceted needs of the graduate client base and include an advanced Diploma, an MSc by coursework and research project and a research-based M.Phil/ PhD. Graduate student intake occurs every two years.

Postgraduate Diploma in Gender and Development Studies
M.Sc in Gender and Development Studies
M.Phil in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies
Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies

Regular Summer Courses (Semester III)

The Institute offers undergraduate and graduate summer courses. Not all undergraduate courses are offered each year. Graduate summer courses are offered every other year. Look out for the summer courses posters and advertising on the UWI online portals or contact us for information. http://sta.uwi.edu/igds/regularsummer.asp

Short Courses, Workshops, Seminars

The Institute offers short courses and trainings, based on demand and available resources, open to the public, The UWI community and graduate students. Through our research and outreach work, we offer a number of short workshops and seminars.

SHORT COURSES http://sta.uwi.edu/igds/shortcourses.asp

Non Degree Programmes

The Caribbean Institute in Gender and Development: Intensive Training Programme at the IGDS Nita Barrow Unit, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados. http://caribbeangenderinstitute.com/