Tablet Loans


Guidelines for requesting a Tablet Loan:

  • The Campus Libraries offer device loans to students through the following Libraries:

1. The Alma Jordan Library (AJL)

2. The Medical Sciences Library (MSL)

3. The School of Education Library (SoEL)

4. The Norman Girvan Library (NGL)


  • The devices offered are tablets, laptops, and MiFi devices:

tablets, laptops, and MiFi at the AJL

tablets, and laptops at the MSL

tablets only at SoEL and NGL


  • A student can borrow a tablet or laptop and a MiFi device. A student cannot have a laptop and tablet on loan simultaneously. All requests are to be made via email.


  • Students in need of a Tablet for Semester I 2023/2024 are kindly asked to mail:, stating the following required information:


Valid UWI #

Contact #


Pick up Point (Choose ONE- AJL, NGL, SOE, MSL)


  • Students are to confirm the day before when they will be collecting the device. Device collection is 9 am - 4 pm Monday to Friday.


  • Loans are semester-long.


  • Fines for all devices are $20.00 a day.


  • Before returning the device(s), the student must clear all personal information and downloaded apps.


  • Kindly return Tablets in the same sanitary condition in which it was loaned.


  • Returned devices are to be checked for all the peripherals (i.e. plugs, cords/cables, packaging) before a student leaves.


  • A replacement cost will be applied to lost and damaged Tablets, including all peripheral parts.


All Devices must be returned in the same condition as loaned with all the components and packaging.

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