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Welcome to The Law Society

The Law Society is made up of members of the student body who become members through the payment of a yearly fee. The Society is headed by a group of students known as "The Executive". These students are chosen by the Law Society members by election every year, while the President of the Society is chosen by students of the overall Faculty (these students may not necessarily be members of the Law Society). This is because, the President also plays the role of the Faculty of Law Representative on the Guild of Students.

The Law Society Executive has many purposes:

  • To bridge the "gap" between the Faculty's administration (Staff) and the student body itself. This is usually done through the President and Class Representatives who sit in on the Faculty Board meetings and the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC). Through these mechanisms, we (the students) are able to bring concerns of the wider student body to the attention of lecturers and other members of staff to improve the conditions under which we learn and grow as individuals and students.
  • To ensure that Law Students are given an opportunity to have balanced lifestyles and be holistic individuals. During the first semester, there are many activities which encourage new Law students to interact and integrate with the continuing law students. These activities also allow all students to take a “break” from the hectic academic lifestyle that Law Students experience. The mental and physical activities allow new students to have an opportunity to relax, rather than become overwhelmed. It also allows them to learn that time needs to be set aside for personal goals and activities in order to maintain some level of sanity and balance.
  • To help Law Students reach out to the wider community through charitable initiatives. As budding lawyers, we must not live in a vacuum. We must always remember that there are people living in situations where they need the help and support of others. This is also a part of becoming a holistic individual. The ability to be aware of others’ circumstances and be willing to empathise and "lend a hand".
  • The President of the Law Society, being a member of the Guild of Students as well, has a duty to be available to ALL students and to assist in matters/concerns that may affect these students outside of the Faculty of Law but within the University of the West Indies.

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2018/19 Executive Team




Position Name
President Omari Thompson
Vice President Jeron O' Brien
Treasurer Sherisse de Freitas
Public Relations Officer Darius Boodoo
Secretary Murvani Ojah Maharaj
Vice Secretary Jade Silva
Education and Moot Committee Chairperson Kevin Lalla
Entertainment Committee Chairperson Taalia Hassanli
Sports Committee Chairperson Virin Sieunarine
Constitutional Committee Chairperson Nyron Mohammed
Publications Committee Chairperson Ana- Lissa Jack
Outreach Committee Chairperson Tariq Headlie
Returning Officer Kavita Ramadhar
Trustee Rehanna Ramsingh