Celebrating University Teaching Excellence Forum and Poster Exhibition

Event Date(s): 09/12/2009

Location: Daaga Auditorium

The UWI Instructional Development Unit will host the Celebrating University Teaching Excellence Forum and Poster Exhibition: Setting the Research Agenda in Teaching and Learning, on Wednesday 9th December, 2009, from 9 am-3:30 pm at the Daaga Auditorium.

The morning session will feature an interactive forum which aims to better prepare sixth formers for a superior UWI experience.

In the afternoon there will be a  poster exhibition showcasing UWI lecturers’ scholarly contributions relevant to improving teaching/student learning at the UWI. Topics include:        

  • Assessment/ Self and Peer assessment        
  • Student retention
  • Effective teaching/learning methods        
  • Student advisement       
  • Curriculum        
  • Transition to tertiary education        
  • Fieldwork        
  • Education technology        
  • Academic advising        
  • Problem based learning       
  • Large class sizes  

Please RSVP to Melissa Gonzales at 663-9235/6 or Ext. 3590, or Melissa.Gonzales@sta.uwi.edu



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