Briefing Session on Intellectual Property Protection of Software

Event Date(s): 10/12/2009

Location: Room 313, Natural Sciences Building

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Faculty of Science and Agriculture, in conjunction with the Business Development Office, will host a briefing session entitled “Intellectual Property Protection of Software” on Thursday December 10th, 2009 from 1:30 pm-3 pm, in Room 313, Natural Sciences Building. 

The presentation will be delivered by Michael Edwards, Technical Examiner from the Intellectual Property Office of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, and will be open to both staff and students. 

For further information please contact either Ms. Lauren Boodhoo, Business Development Office, at telephone 662-2002 ext. 2634 or by email at Lauren.Boodhoo@sta.uwi.edu, or Dr. Christopher Ward, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, at telephone 662-2002 ext. 3225 or by email at Christopher.Ward@sta.uwi.edu.

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