DCFA presents the Mardi Gras Black Indians at The Old Yard

Event Date(s): 07/02/2010

Location: Gayelle at DCFA, Agostini Street, St. Augustine

The Department of Creative and Festival Arts (DCFA), Faculty of Humanities and Education, UWI, St. Augustine, hosts The Old Yard (formerly Viey La Cou) on Sunday 7th February, 2010, at noon. Situated in the Gayelle at DCFA, Agostini Street, St. Augustine - an actual yard - complete with an architectural style reminiscent of long ago, this new event promises to offer a dynamic mix of a journey into cultural history and a carnival masquerade showcase within the format of a heritage fair.

A special feature of this year’s installment of The Old Yard will be Guardians of the Flame, the Mardi Gras Black Indians from New Orleans, USA. Guardians of the Flame will take patrons on a journey of the heritage traditions of the Carnival masquerade of New Orleans. The spectacularity of the Mardi Gras Black Indian costume is derived from its intricate bead work and detailed colourful design. Opportunity to witness the performance of this masquerade within the Trinidad landscape will be a phenomenal experience. 

Also to be featured will be our very own traditional Carnival masqueraders – the Bats, the Minstrels and Burrokeets, Midnight Robber, Dame Lorraine and many others. As in the days of old when the masquerade would be made and prepared in the old yard before spilling onto the streets of Port of Spain, The Old Yard gives patrons a slice of this cultural history. In essence, The Old Yard offers a showcase of Carnival masquerade traditions beyond their historical location while stimulating contemporary imaginations. The young and old are therefore encouraged to come and experience the meeting of masquerade traditions in The Old Yard.

Tickets for The Old Yard priced at $50.00 for adults and $20.00 for children can be purchased from the Department of Creative and Festival Arts at 663-2222 (direct line), 662-2002 ext. 3791/2510/2376 or email Marissa.Brooks@sta.uwi.edu.



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