German Scholarships 2010 (DAAD Program)

Event Date(s): 20/09/2010 - 04/10/2010

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), is offering scholarships and research grants to interested persons who fit the following criteria. Please visit the links for more details. 

Research grants where UWI postgraduate students can do their research at a German University - http://www.daad.org/?p=gradresearch.   

Artists/Film Makers - Study scholarships for one academic year - http://www.daad.de/deutschland/foerderung/stipendiendatenbank/00577.en.html.  

Study Trips/Seminars for Groups of Foreign Students to Germany  (7- 12 days) - https://ssl.daad.de/deutschland/foerderung/stipendiendatenbank/00462.en.htmldetailid=15&fachrichtung=&land=48&status=&seite=1&overview=1&daad=1&whitelabel 



The DAAD was founded in 1925 by the German student Carl Joachim Friedrich who was able to obtain 13 fellowships from the Institute of International Education for Germans in the social sciences to study in the US. From these early beginnings – and with a re-founding of the organization after World War II – the DAAD currently awards more than 65,000 fellowships a year and is the largest grantor of international academic mobility support in the world.  Based in Bonn, DAAD now plays important roles in furthering the international aspects of German academic, cultural, and science policies; supporting the international relations of German colleges and universities through international exchange and programs; and maintaining a worldwide network of offices, guest professors, and alumni who offer information and assistance on a local level.  

To find out more, please visit the DAAD website, or contact The UWI International Office at (868)-663-3348 or (868)-662-2002 ext.4151, or via email at internationaloffice@sta.uwi.edu.  

Deadline date to submit application materials to the UWI IO: 4th  Oct, 2010. 

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