I am: concert on human rights and HIV

Event Date(s): 22/09/2010

Location: JFK Auditorium

The UWI Student’s Guild, in collaboration with Red Initiatives, will host ‘I am,’ a concert focusing on Human Rights and the many issues that lead to HIV and STI vulnerability, particularly on campus. ‘I am’ is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 22nd,  September, 2010, from 7-9 pm, at the JFK Auditorium, and will be a combination of entertainment and education as the audience will learn about HIV prevention, stigma and discrimination and Human Rights, gender based violence, peer pressure, substance use and low self esteem. This interactive concert will combine relevant social commentary and comedy with multimedia presentations and socially inspired performances by Philomena Alexis Baptiste ‘ Philo,’ Paula Obe, Gillian Moor and other guest artistes.

There will be HIV testing and condom distribution on campus on the day of the concert.

To find out more, please contact O’Leo Lokai, Project Coordinator, REd Initiatives, at 687-6536, via email at redtnt@gmail.com, or visit the Red Initiatives website

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  • O’Leo Lokai, Project Coordinator, REd Initiatives

  • Tel.: 687-6536
  • Email: redtnt@gmail.com