Conversations in Leadership and Innovation with the UWIAA

Event Date(s): 02/12/2010

Location: Yara Auditorium, Arthur Lok Jack, GSB

On Thursday 2nd December, 2010, join the UWI Alumni Association (UWIAA) Trinidad and Tobago Chapter and the Lok Jack GSB Alumni Board in their Conversations in Leadership and Innovation. The two associations will collaborate to host this panel discussion, which will include contributions from Bevil Wooding, Special Advisor, Caribbean Telecommunications Union; Hayden Blades, President, Business Insight Limited, and former Chief Economist of RBTT; Gina Welch, Marketing Director, FV Holdings Limited; and Jason Julien, General Manager, First Citizens Investment Services Limited.  

This panel discussion will take place from 6-7:30 pm, at the Yara Auditorium, Arthur Lok Jack, GSB, and is free and open to the public.  

To find out more and RSVP, please contact Charmain Subero, UWI Alumni Relations Office, at 663-1579, or contact Seeraj Gajadhar, Lok Jack GSB, at 645-6700 ext 116. 

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  • Charmain Subero, UWI Alumni Relations Office

  • Tel.: 663-1579