Carmen Brock Scholarship at the University of Toronto

Event Date(s): 13/12/2010 - 15/01/2010

Master’s and PhD students studying the history of the Caribbean, apply now for the Carmen Brock Scholarship at the University of Toronto.

Apply online at https://apply.sgs.utoronto.ca.  All candidates for admission will be considered for the scholarship on a competitive basis. 

Application deadline: 15th January,  2011

The Carmen Brock Graduate Fellowship (originally established in 1998) is awarded on an annual basis to successful applicants to the University of Toronto from postsecondary academic institutions in the Caribbean, Belize, Guyana, Surinam or sub-Saharan Africa, in order to study the history of these regions at the University of Toronto. The total value of the Fellowship is $10,000CAD, normally to be disbursed over two years in the case of MA students, and over four years in the case of PhD candidates.

The Department of History has a long and distinguished tradition of research in the fields of African and Atlantic World scholarship and we strongly encourage applicants who meet the Fellowship criteria to apply. Please be advised that the recipient of the award will be selected by the Carmen Brock Fellowship Committee from among successful applicants to the graduate history program.

Documentation: All successful applications to the graduate history program from applicants who are eligible for the Carmen Brock Fellowship will be forwarded to the Carmen Brock Fellowship Committee. Applicants to the graduate history program should indicate their eligibility for the Fellowship in their statement of purpose. No separate documentation is required. 

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