Maximizing the Role of Education in a Changing Society

Event Date(s): 21/01/2011 - 22/01/2011

The UWI Department of Behavioural Sciences will host a conference themed Maximizing the Role of Education in a Changing Society, from 21st-22nd January, 2011.

This conference will attempt to:

  • disseminate the findings from recent research on education, to academics, educational practitioners and policy makers
  • begin dialogue among key persons involved in educational research
  • provide the foundation and agenda for further research in education


Presentations will focus on the following themes:

  • Learning and behavioral difficulties 
  • New trends in education and their implications 
  • The changing role of teachers  
  • Education and rural communities in the Caribbean 
  • Education and equality in the contemporary Caribbean 
  • Gender issues in education 
  • Education in a multi-cultural society: challenges and opportunities 
  • Educational leadership  
  • Education for a better world  
  • Education for sustainable development 
  • Skill enhancement for the world of work


View the Call for Papers.


For further information, please contact the conference secretary, Rachel D’Arceuil, at 663-4968, or via email at Rachel.D’Arceuil@sta.uwi.edu 

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