Blac Sheep Barber Saloon presents edu-k8

Event Date(s): 02/02/2011

Location: JFK lecture theatre

On Wednesday 2nd February, 2011, the Blac Sheep Barber Saloon, a student-run initiative located in the Student Activity Centre (SAC), will host edu-k8 – a multi-faceted series of 15-minute segments, each seeking to educate the student population on Success Principles, Money Management, Social Issues and Embracing your Individuality (Becoming your own brand). This event, carded for 7 pm, at the JFK lecture theatre, will employ music, motivational talks, spoken word and visual media to teach students important life skills and encourage them to become more all-rounded individuals who contribute to society. 

To find out more, please contact the Blac Sheep Barber Saloon at 678-4403/748-1312, or via e-mail at b-sheep@hotmail.com.

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