Humanities and Education Faculty Week

Event Date(s): 07/02/2011 - 11/02/2011

The Humanities and Education Committee of the UWI Guild of Students will host its annual Faculty Week themed, "Unity in Individuality," from the 7th-11th February, 2011. A part of the Guild’s 50th anniversary celebrations, the week will feature a variety of activities seeking to encourage individuality and creativity while fostering unity within the departments of the faculty.

Schedule of events 

Tuesday 8th February

Dinner and a Movie (an amateur film night, showcasing the talents of the UWI Film Society with short films), 5pm-9pm, LRC Greens. 


Wednesday 9th February

Leave your Mark Display (a faculty wide display which seeks to give ear to the unheard voices of students within the faculty), 11 am-4 pm, Humanities Undercroft and DCFA. 


Thursday 10 February

Circus Fun Day, 1-4 pm, KFC Greens

All Fours Tournament, 4-6 pm, SAC 


Friday 11th February

Jazz under the Trees (A cocktail event which seeks to give ear to the diverse talents of Creative Arts students, as well as others within the faculty, through music and visual art), 6-9 pm, Creative and Festival Arts (Gordon Street). 


To find out more, please contact Johanan Thomas, Humanities and Education Representative, at representativefhe@mysta.uwi.edu, johananthomas@live.com, or (868) 662-2002 ex 3890.


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