Introducing Th?nk

Event Date(s): 11/02/2011

Location: CLL auditorium

The UWI Department for the Festival and Creative Arts (DFCA) introduces Th?nk, a series designed to position the DCFA as a central player in national and regional discussions about all things related to the cultural sector. The DCFA will host the first forum of the Th?nk series on Friday 11th February, 2011, from 9 am-3 pm, at the CLL auditorium.

The Th?nk series is aimed at interrogating the tried and tested paradigms about the cultural sector that have gone uncontested and/or have not been effective in the past. The recent discussions on the formulation of a national multicultural policy represent one such area that needs greater input from the widest set of stakeholders.   

The inaugural Th?nk forum will use the Trinidad Carnival Complex as a jumping off point to explore cultural policy development. Th?nk 1 is entitled Carnival and Multiculturalism and will unpack the concepts ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ as models for formulating cultural policies that are focused on creating cultural citizens. The discussions will be guided by an understanding that any national policy must enable self-determination, restructure power relations and re-imagine tried and tested notions of identity. 

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To find out more, please contact Marissa Brooks, at ext. 3792, or Marissa.Brooks@sta.uwi.edu.

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