Australia Development Awards Caribbean initiative

Event Date(s): 02/05/2011 - 30/06/2011

Apply now for the Australia Development Award scholarships, funded by AusAID. These scholarships are offered to the member states of CARICOM, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. They are offered at the Master’s and PhD levels only and do not apply to distance or online courses. The scholarships cover the full range of expenses: tuition, books and a modest living allowance.   

For further information please review the handbook.  

Applicants, please note that your application will be assessed alongside all other applications received from the Caribbean region and that scholarship winners must be willing to return to their respective countries to work for two years after the completion of their studies.   

Although AusAID does not select an area of study, there are clear areas to which a Master’s or PhD award must relate as detailed in the applicant profiles.   

Applicants are also required to contact Australian Universities directly and apply for an unconditional offer.

Applying to the Australian University and to AusAID are two separate processes, as outlined below.

  1. Applicants must apply to their universities to get their unconditional offer. To aid in the search for a university, please click here to view some areas of study and the universities at which they are offered. This list is by no means exhaustive and there are other options available. Please visit http://studyinaustralia.gov.au and http://cricos.deewr.gov.au to find out more.
  2. Applicants can then apply online (Deadline: May 31st, 2011) for the actual scholarship through AusAID. The unconditional offer must be included in the completed online application. If the unconditional offer has not been obtained by the deadline, applicants have until June 30th, 2011, to send the document to caribbeanscholarships@ausaid.gov.au. It will then be added to the application which should have been completed by the deadline of May 31st.

Australian universities will also require certified copies of the applicant’s academic transcripts, thus it is imperative that they are obtained as early as possible so that all necessary documents can be forwarded to the Australian university of choice. The Australian university assessment process is lengthy so, in order to avoid delays, please provide all required documentation to the university in one comprehensive package where possible. 

Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) Fellowships aim to develop leadership, address priority regional development issues, and build partnerships and linkages between Australian organisations and partner organisations in developing countries in the Caribbean. The goal of the ALA Fellowships program is to develop appropriately trained current and aspiring leaders in priority areas, who, in the short to medium term, will be in a position to advance key regional policy objectives and increase institutional capacity of partner countries. ALA Fellowships are designed to complement individual bilateral country programs by offering flexible fellowship placements which address current and emerging needs at the country, sub-regional and regional levels.  

Click here for further information on the Fellowships.  

Finally, applicants can also consider applying for an Endeavour Award (EA). This is an internationally competitive and merit based award. There is no development focus and as such there are no restrictions on subject matter. This award is open to CARICOM nationals, Cuba and the Dominican Republic to undertake study, research and professional development abroad.  

This scholarship is not offered through AusAID, but through the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. To find out more, please click here.   

Deadline to apply for the EA 2012 program: 30th June, 2011.  To find out more about the Australia Development Awards, please visit the links below. 

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