Reassembling the Fragments

Event Date(s): 25/08/2011 - 27/08/2011

Location: Centre For Language Learning (CLL) Auditorium, UWI St. Augustine

The Departments of Liberal Arts and History, at the Faculty of Humanities and Education, will host Reassembling the Fragments, a conference carded for 25th-27th August, 2011, at the Centre For Language Learning (CLL) Auditorium, UWI St. Augustine.   

This conference, which is being held in honour of three retired UWI professors – Prof Barbara Lalla, Prof Bridget Brereton and Prof Ian Robertson, provides a forum for scholars and practitioners to interrogate the body of work compiled by these intellectual spade workers, examine the socio-cultural contexts which framed and informed their endeavors and evaluate the tangible out workings of their enquiries. Its theoretical objective is also to highlight broader interdisciplinary research during the period and new insights as the region and the institution enter the first decade of the 21st century.  

The conference will include presentations, a poster session, panel and round table discussions, performances, exhibitions and workshops on the following topics:

  • Indigenous ontologies and epistemologies
  • Submerged languages, histories, narratives and cultures
  • Trauma and its aftermaths
  • Pedagogy and the state – Language Literature & History
  • Engendering histories and narratives
  • The historicity of cultures and cultures of historicity
  • Mediating Caribbean Scapes
  • Meandering trajectories of Creolization
  • When subalterns speak – the politics of the voice
  • In praise of orality
  • Caribbean representation and subject construction
  • UWI scholarship 60 years later – a retrospective and a way forward


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