14th Annual Faculty of Medical Sciences Research Day

Event Date(s): 13/10/2011

Location: Amphitheatre A and Amphitheatre B, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Mt. Hope

The Faculty of Medical Sciences hosts its 14th Annual Research Day on Thursday 13th October, 2011, from 1-5 pm, at both Amphitheatre A and Amphitheatre B, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Mt. Hope, simultaneously. 

This event is open to the entire Campus community, and may be of particular interest to research students and Academic Staff members.  

Topics featured include:

At Amphitheatre A

Chronic Diseases

  • Prevalence of Diabetic Neuropathy among Type 2 Diabetic patients attending primary health care facilities in North Trinidad. 
  • Prevalence of Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus and compliance with prescribed treatments in a sample of patients attending a university dental clinic.
  • The association of C-reactive protein, uric acid levels, lipid profile, gender, age and blood pressure with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Trinidad and Tobago, 2005-2010.
  • Self-monitoring of blood glucose and its association with better glycaemic control in Type 2 Diabetic patients aged 40-75 in Trinidad.
  • Diabetic Therapeutic target achievement in Trinidad.


Family Health

  • An evaluation of the ethical viewpoints of students enrolled in health care programmes at The UWI's Faculty of Medical Sciences, from entry to exit.
  • An evaluation of post-operative patient care in recovery rooms of public hospitals in Trinidad.
  • The effects of aromas and activation of the orbito-frontal cortex on moral decision making.
  • To examine the awareness and attitude of clinic attendees towards organ donation, with specific emphasis on corneal donation.
  • Is cardiovascular disease being initiated in puberty?
  • Percutaneous injuries among clinical Dental staff & students at The UWI Dental School.
  • Signs of Depression in UWI students.


At Amphitheatre B

Lifestyle/Dietary Practices

  • The lifestyle and dietary practices of medical students.
  • The consumption of refined sugars by adolescents in Trinidad and Tobago – a study of product type, calorie content and consumption rate.
  • Focus groups on the influence of alcohol advertisements by the local media of Trinidad and Tobago on consumption of alcohol.
  • Patterns, consequences and behavioural correlates of energy drink use among tertiary level students in Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Awareness of the environment on exercise within the Trinidad populations.


Patient Monitoring and Outcome Evaluation

  • Assessing visual outcomes of cataract patients within the Eastern Region Sangre Grande Hospital.
  • An assessment of the response to the dengue epidemic of 2010 in Trinidad.
  • Comparing the perception of the efficacy of conventional versus herbal therapy in the management of the common cold among UWI students.
  • The effects of non-ionizing radiation from mobile phone base station clusters on the health of residents of Siparia and Tableland from 2006-2010.
  • Evaluating the rapid test as an effective tool in the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Trinidad.
  • The immediate effect of martial arts training on C-reactive protein as a parameter of the immune system.
  • Knowledge and attitudes towards mental illness among UWI students.


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