UWI Credit Union hosts workshop for secondary school students

Event Date(s): 08/10/2011

Location: UWI Credit Union Board Room (downstairs)

The Education Committee of The UWI Credit Union cordially invites youth members in Forms 4, 5 and 6 to attend an educational workshop geared to assist students in preparing for exams and focusing on a career path. The workshop will be held on Saturday 8th October, 2011, from 1:30-4 pm, at the UWI Credit Union Board Room (downstairs).

Topics addressed at the workshop include:

  1. How to Create The Change You Want
  2. Raising Your Standards
  3. Changing Your Limiting Beliefs
  4. Changing Your Strategy
  5. Understanding The Power of Thoughts of the Mind


Interested members please contact Stacia at 645-8526 or via e-mail at stacia.uwicu@gmail.com.



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