HSU celebrates World Diabetes Day

Event Date(s): 14/11/2011

Location: Humanities Undercroft

The Health Services Unit (HSU), in collaboration with Diabetes Education Research and Prevention Institute (DERPI), will be engaging in outreach activities in observance of World Diabetes Day,  on Monday 14th November, 2011, from 10 am-2 pm, at the Humanities Undercroft.   

The objectives of this initiative are to increase the awareness of this disease and its complications as well as to identify members of the Campus Community who may be at risk of developing this lifestyle illness.

In support of this initiative, BMI and blood glucose screening will be conducted. Short lectures will be periodically delivered on various aspects of Diabetes and NGOs located in booths at the Humanities Undercroft will disseminate pertinent health related information regarding this chronic disease.    

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  • Ms. Rishma Deonarine or Nurse Sabrina Ali

  • Tel.: 662-2002 ext 82153/82149