HR hosts workshop on learning disabilities in children

Event Date(s): 26/01/2012

Location: Institute of Critical Thinking (ICT) LR II & III

The Human Resources Division hosts a workshop entitled “Recognizing Learning Disabilities in Children,” on Thursday 26th January, 2012, from 9 am-noon, at the Institute of Critical Thinking (ICT) LR II & III.

Participants will learn about:
  • how children learn
  • the nature of learning disabilities
  • the importance of early intervention
  • parenting a child with learning disabilities in our educational system
  • optimizing children’s strengths and unlocking their potential

Facilitator: Alicia Hoyte

If you wish to attend this workshop, please obtain approval from your supervisor/Head of Department and submit it to Ms. Tischanna Jones via e-mail at tischanna.jones@sta.uwi.edu

N.B. Due to the time constraints, the facilitator has asked that participants communicate their specific concerns/questions with Ms. Jones, so that she can address them at the session. 

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