Would you like to study in a foreign country?

Event Date(s): 01/03/2012

Location: JFK Quadrangle (opposite the JFK Food Court)

Full-time and Evening University students, learn about international study abroad opportunities at the Student Exchange Fair, hosted by the International Office, on Thursday 1st March, 2012, from 10 am-2 pm, at the JFK Quadrangle (opposite the JFK Food Court).  

At the Student Exchange Fair, you can:

  1. Experience a semester/year in another country
  2. Learn about available scholarship opportunities (ELAP, CIP, CUSAC, DAAD, CARPIMS)
  3. Grow personally/academically
  4. Experience global cultures and become a world citizen


Look out for prizes and giveaways, including an airline ticket from Caribbean Airlines to a popular Caribbean destination! 

To find out more, please contact the International Office, 2nd Floor Student Administration Building, at 662-2002 ext 84151, 84206, via email at internationaloffice@sta.uwi.edu, or visit the UWI International Office website.

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