UWI Physics Department to host Comsol Multiphysics Workshop

Event Date(s): 20/04/2012


In present era, Modeling and Simulation have become an integral part of research and development in the field of Science and Technology.  Understanding the importance of modeling and simulation in today’s fast-paced research and development culture, The Department of Physics in association with Comsol Inc.  USA is going to organize a workshop on Comsol Multiphysics on 20th April 2012. The COMSOL Multiphysics engineering simulation software environment facilitates all steps in the modeling process − defining geometry, meshing, specifying physics, solving, and then visualizing results. It provides an excellent platform that allows users to examine all physics within one easy-to-use environment and optimize system operation before one start building prototypes.

This is a one day workshop in which Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics will be covered in morning session and Subsurface Flow with COMSOL Multiphysics will be covered in evening session. The first half of the morning session will provide an overview of COMSOL Multiphysics Version 4.2a - its capabilities, its new abilities and functionality enhancements, and it’s new, more efficient, user interface. This will be of interest to both new and existing users of COMSOL. The second half of this session will deals with a hands-on tutorial in COMSOL Multiphysics Version 4.2a. It will directed at both new users and existing users who would like experience with the new interface. We will set up and solve a simple multiphysics problem designed to make participants quickly proficient in COMSOL Multiphysics Version 4.2a - enabling the participants to use the included 2-week free trial on their own models. In the afternoon session, we will cover geophysical and environmental phenomena, such as the modeling of groundwater flow, the solute transport through soil and heat transfer in porous media. The workshop will also introduce multiphysics couplings with heat transfer in porous media and solute transport that can be coupled to any of the fluid flow interfaces. There is no registration fee for this workshop.

Contact workshop coordinator Dr. Davinder Sharma at Davinder.Sharma@sta.uwi.edu for registration and further details.


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