Moving beyond the death penalty

Event Date(s): 05/10/2012

Location: Faculty of Law Lecture Theatre

The UWI’s Institute of International Relations (IIR) hosts a panel discussion titled, “Not the solution: moving beyond the death penalty debate in Trinidad and Tobago,” on Friday 5th October, 2012, from 5-8pm, at the UWI’s Faculty of Law Lecture Theatre.  

The panel discussion is a collaborative effort among the IIR, Greater Caribbean for Life, the Catholic Commission for Social Justice, the Doh Do Death Project (organized by ‘A Bleeding Heart’) and Amnesty International. It will address the failure of the death penalty as a crime prevention method and hopes to unearth effective solutions for improving public security and valuing a restorative approach to the administration of justice.  

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  • Annita Montoute

  • Tel.: 662-2002 ext. 83239