History Society discusses ageing in the Caribbean

Event Date(s): 01/11/2012

Location: Faculty of Social Sciences Lounge

UWI’s History Society hosts the third installment of its Sociology Division’s Open Forum Series on Thursday 1st November, 2012, from 1-3.30pm, at the Faculty of Social Sciences Lounge, UWI, St Augustine, This forum will focus on the topic ‘The Epidemiology of Ageing in the Contemporary Caribbean’, and aims to highlight issues of ageing as the Caribbean is currently experiencing a significant increase in its over-60 population, which will have implications for its economy and society. 

Presenters include:

  1. Dr. Ronald Marshall (Sociology)
  2. Dr. Nicole Albada (Psychology)
  3. Dr. Caroline Alexis-Thomas (registered nurse and sociologist)
  4. Dr. Karen Dullea (Social Work)


To find out more, please e-mail sjpantin@hotmail.com or visit the History Society’s blog.    

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