Sharmila Pandey and the Bhojpuri Dance and Music Group

Event Date(s): 11/11/2012

Location: Learning Resource Centre

Come out and be entertained by Sharmila Pandey and the Bhojpuri Dance and Music Group, as they perform folk and devotional songs in Bhojpuri, the language of most of the indentured labourers who came to Trinidad. The event begins at 5pm.

Bhojpuri is the predominant language spoken in parts of North-Eastern India, especially in the Western part of the state of Bihar, where most of Trinidad’s East Indian ancestors came from. Traditionally, in Trinidad, women groups sang erotic songs at weddings, and sohars, special songs at childbirth. These Bhojpuri folk songs provided a way to hand down traditions and customs to later generations. Chutney music, for example, is a Bhojpuri offspring.





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