UWI 60th Anniversary Family Day

Event Date(s): 22/05/2008

Location: St Augustine,Sport and Physical Education Centre

All UWI Staff are invited to share in a day of fun and relaxation as we celebrate UWI’s 60th Anniversary. Come out in your numbers as we enjoy UWI’s first Family Day on Thursday 22nd May at 9:30 a. m., at the Sport & Physical Education Centre. The theme for the day is “The Environment- Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Flora, Fauna, Metal and Wood”.

There will be 8 teams with their respective colours which are designated in the following table:





Faculty of Medical Sciences



Faculty of Social Sciences -incl. Law, Arthur Lok Jack School of Business, IIR, SALISES, CCMF, CGDS and all other affiliate units



Faculty of Engineering

sky blue



Faculty of Humanities and Education

navy blue


Faculty of Science and Agriculture -incl. Seismic Research Unit



All Libraries




Admin 1 -incl. Registry, Bookshop, Principal’s Office, Business Development Office, Student Services, Works, SPEC, Marketing & Communications, Inst. Of Critical Thinking, Office of Research, UWIDEC, Student Activity Centre, Learning Resource Centre, School of Continuing Studies

ash grey


Admin 2 -incl. Bursary, Deputy Principal’s Office, Campus Projects Office, Security, Instructional Development Unit, Quality Assurance, CITS, Health Services Unit, Planning & Development, Management Audit

golden yellow



Each team has chosen an element of The Environment which will be portrayed in the march past and reflected in the design of their tent. Each team will also provide a one pot for lunch which will be judged and the winning team given a cash prize.

In addition teams will compete for prizes (cash, hampers and trophies) in the following categories:

  • Best Decorated Tent
  • Best Overall Team
  • Best March Past Team
  • Best Tug-of-War Team
  • Best One-Pot of Food

During the day there will be fun activities managed by a Trini Match Organizer. As well as a traditional cricket match which will run simultaneously in the afternoon session. All the children of our UWI staff will be specially catered for in a fun play area under adult supervision throughout the day. There will be: Water slides, Video games, Water Park, Bouncy castle, Balloon typhoon, Clowns, Face painting and Basketball. Food and snacks will also be provided in this area for the children.

For those who are not athletically inclined and would rather just enjoy the fun, relaxing atmosphere, you can visit the board game area. You will find games to amuse you, to test you or just to have fun regardless of age. Cutters will be provided for the adults throughout the venue. These include doubles, corn soup, pholourie and French fries.

So don’t forget to come out in your numbers and colours to support your team, to cheer them on, to have fun and to sample the hands of our UWI cooks at our Family Day on Thursday 22nd May, 2008!

For further information and to register please contact your respective team leaders:




Faculty of Medical Sciences

Nicole Homer

645-2640 ext. 4652


Faculty of Social Sciences

Sharon Reddock


Faculty of Engineering

Carol Sargeant


Faculty of Humanities & Education

Yvette Simmonds- Barrimond


Faculty of Science and Agriculture

Indira Ousman



All Libraries

Mariella Pilgrim



Admin 1

Keyon Estrada


Admin 2

Gemma Taylor




March past team must comprise of not less than twenty (20) persons. Team parading with less than the specified number of participants will automatically receive a deduction of five (5) uniformity points.

Each team will be afforded a three (3) minute period for their display. This time will be monitored as soon as teams march to a point specified by the Parade Commander, and ends after the last person has passed the saluting dais. Teams exceeding this time limit will be assessed a five (5) point penalty.

Queens/Kings must be attired in the registered colours of their respective teams and must match the overall scheme and theme of their team.

Queens/Kings will be afforded the use of other equipment such as batons, twirlers, pompoms etc. No attire resembling that of Carnival costumes would be allowed. Queens/Kings wearing such attire would be penalised by five (5) points for attire/colours/design.

The criteria for the judging of March Past queens/kings are as follows:

· Impact/Marching 10 points

· Attire/Colours/Design 25 points

· Poise 15 points

Prizes will be awarded for the first three queens/kings and teams as assessed by the judges.

March past teams not present on the parade grounds and in their official numbered position, when the parade is formed up, would not qualify for the pre judging aspect of the march past. Teams will be judged for the use of best interpretation of the overall theme – THE ENVIRONMENT – and their specific subject – Earth, Wind, Fire etc. and dancing/choreography.

Prizes for the march past will be afforded to the teams placing first to third.

The criteria for the judging of the march past are as follows:

· Punctuality 5 points – pre judging

· Uniformity 15 points – pre judging

· Marching 20 points

· Impact 10 points

The judges’ decision is final.

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