Book Launch: BINDI- The Multifaceted lives of Indo-Caribbean Women

Event Date(s): 15/02/2013

Location: Social Sciences Lounge

The Institute of Gender and Development Studies and the Hindu Women’s Organization jointly host the launch the award winning publication BINDI: The Multifaceted lives of Indo-Caribbean Women. The collection, edited by Rosanne Kanhai, was recently awarded the UWI Press’ award for Bestselling Edited Collection. 

The bindi (red dot between the eyebrows) is both decorative and religious, and is worn by women of any marital or racial status.  Kanhai uses the bindi to characterize how Indo-Caribbean women come into their own in multiple ways.  The work reflects a variety of disciplines, styles and topics that include considering Indo-Caribbean women in creative texts, in historical and anthropological analyses, in interactions with their “others” in both the Caribbean and its diaspora, and in narratives of self.  This interdisciplinary text has been adopted for course work in the United States, Europe and the Caribbean.

Rosanne Kanhai is Professor of English and Women’s Studies Director, Western Washington University. She is the author or editor of three books, The Green Face Man, Rage and Renewal and Matikor and several refereed articles. 

The launch takes place at the Social Sciences Lounge from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Limited seating is available. 


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