Computing Forum 2013

Event Date(s): 28/02/2013

Location: Conference Room, Student Administrative Building

The Department of Computing and Information Technology hosts Computing Forum 2013 which aims to showcase the current research and development projects within the broad area of Information and Communication Technology. The event also serves as a means of strengthening the University’s and industry’s response to the challenges and needs of our region. It will be held from 9:00am to 4:00pm at the Conference Room of the Student Administrative Building.

The forum will bring together Researchers, Lecturers, Developers, Government Officials and Managers from various sectors that are impacted by and have a vested interest in the development of ICT within the region. It will provide a shared space for networking and collaboration across multiple disciplines thereby sustaining the growth of research and development in solving the problems of the society.

The day’s programme includes prototype demonstrations, paper presentations and discussions in computing highlighting success, challenges and lessons learnt in the field.

For more information, see the forum’s website here

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