Maria Antonia at the Little Carib Theatre

Event Date(s): 04/04/2013 - 14/04/2013

Location: Little Carib Theatre, Woodbrook

The Department of Creative & Festival Arts (DCFA) invites you to enter ahe world of Maria Antonia: a dark and exotic world; a place where shadowy dangerous characters live; an island within an island from which you will never be able to leave. The play will be staged at the Little Carib Theatre from April 4 to 7, and 12 to 14 with 8pm nightly shows and Sunday shows beginning at 6pm.

Maria Antonia is the tragic story of an Afro-Cuban woman who defies the men, women, and traditions of her community in search of self and meaning. Through her trysts with men, her defiance of religion, and her thirst for change, she presents the struggles of a post-revolutionary Cuba – one where women are forced to re-evaluate their roles in society. It employs Afro-Cuban culture – for example Santeria, a syncretic religion of West African and Caribbean origin; and Rumba dance – as part of its aesthetic. The play, therefore, presents itself as an opportunity, not simply for the teaching and honing of necessary skills in theatre, but for students to be exposed to Cuban culture and familiarize themselves with the history of the Caribbean region.

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Admission:$100 (General Admission); $50 (tertiary students with student ID); $40 (Secondary students with ID)

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