Understanding the Caribbean Through the Lens of Research and Practice

Event Date(s): 11/04/2013

Location: LRC Auditorium ABC

In an effort to understand the realities and challenges in the Caribbean today, the Department of Behavioural Sciences will host a postgraduate conference entitled "Understanding the Caribbean Through the Lens of  Research and Practice" on April 11, 2013 offering current post-graduate students, ex-students, researchers, and faculty across the University the opportunity to present and develop their work. 

For many, the Caribbean is often referred to as a melting pot of myriad cultures. This complex blend, and ensuing interactions – while not as simple as the metaphor suggests – produce a distinctive space that requires understanding the Caribbean through different lenses - historical, social, economic, political, cultural, and psychological. Such lenses when pulled together can be described as the Behavioural Sciences.Through research, innovation and practice, the Department of Behavioural Sciences across the three main campuses of the University of the West Indies has made valuable contributions to the development and understanding of the Caribbean region for over half a century and continues to offer critical insight into Caribbean issues. In particular through the department's various units – Sociology, Psychology, Government, Social Work and Criminology.

Reports, works-in-progress, workshops, poster sessions, individual papers, and pre-formed panels are hereby invited to present on issues related to Caribbean research and practice.

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