Professorial Inaugural Lecture- Dave Chadee

Event Date(s): 18/04/2013

Location: Lecture Theatre 1, Block 13, Faculty of Engineering

The University of the West Indies will host a Professorial Inaugural Lecture presented by Professor Dave Chadee entitled "Dengue Epidemiology and Control: Myths, Madness or Methods."

The lecture will be held at Lecture Theatre 1, Block 13, Faculty of Engineering from 5:30pm.

All are invited.


A review of the Dengue Fever database at the National Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago from 1980 to 2011 revealed four major epidemics. This lecture examines the patterns of disease transmission, serotypes circulating and describes the vector control measures employed during these outbreaks.  Based on the evidence provided, vector control strategies can be more effectively managed to exert a more significant impact on vector populations thereby reducing morbidity and mortality rates and reducing the impact of future outbreaks of dengue in Trinidad and Tobago.

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