Postgraduate Research Seminars

Event Date(s): 19/04/2013

Location: Room 2, South Block, Faculty of Humanities & Education

The Department of Literary, Cultural and Communication Studies invites you to attend the following Graduate Research Seminars:

10:35 a.m. - Darrell Baksh |  PhD Cultural Studies | Seminar III

"Chutney on D' Go": Bacchanal in the Chutney-val”


12:15p.m. - Candice Sobers|MPhil Cultural Studies| Seminar II

“The Aesthetics of the Mundane: Techniques of Resourcefulness and Survival among Working Class Trinidadians”


1:50p.m. - Aduke Williams| PhD Cultural Studies"| Seminar III

“The Impact of Tourist Spaces on the Appropriation and Commodification of Rasta Aesthetic”


2:55p.m. - Keith Cadette | MPhil Cultural Studies| Seminar I

“Exploring Craft Objects as Material Culture in Trinidad and Tobago: Signifiers of Materiality, Syncretism and Identity”


4:15 p.m. - Robert Ramesar| PhD Cultural Studies| Seminar II

“Cinema language synthesis & visual dialect formation in the making of Haiti bride (Reflective component)”

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