Music of the Diaspora

Event Date(s): 04/05/2013

Location: DAAGA Auditorium

The Department of Creative and Festival Arts (DCFA), hosts one of its annual student concerts Music of the Diaspora at 6:00 pm, at Daaga Auditorium.

Music of the Diaspora will feature performances from the Indian Classical Ensemble and UWI Intermediate Pan Ensemble, which comprise students pursuing a BA in Musical Arts and a Certificate in Music at DCFA.

The Indian Classical Ensemble explores musical themes derived from Bollywood, Indian Classical Music tradition, Indian Folk Music and World Music sub-genres.  Students of the UWI Music programmes will perform on Western and Indian musical instruments in small to medium sized ensembles. The performers will treat the audience to a marvellous blend of musical traditions and timbres in this truly culture-rich experience.

The UWI Intermediate Pan Ensemble likewise brings to the experience an intriguing blend of selections including an original composition by Khari Codrington, featuring his gifted younger sister, Keisha Codrington, both of whom are honing their musical skills at DCFA. Other selections of music from Andy Narell, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Robert Greendige and Gloria Estafan also make this a unique and dynamic concert.

Tickets are available at the DCFA.

Admission:$50 General Admission | $30 for students and children under 12

Open to: | General Public |