Professorial Inaugural Lecture- Gary Garcia

Event Date(s): 16/05/2013

Location: The Noor Hassanali Auditorium, Faculty of Law

The University of the West Indies will host a Professorial Inaugural Lecture presented by Professor Gary Garcia entitled "From Wild to Semi-domesticated: Neo-tropical Animals and a Professorial Journey."

The lecture will be held at The Noor Hassanali Auditorium, Faculty of Law from 5:30pm.

All are invited.


Gary Wayne Garcia presents his educational, teaching and research journey on his way to becoming the Professor of Livestock Science within The UWI system. The presentation will also outline how the wild/nondomestic [neo-tropical] animals in the Trinidad and Tobago’s backyards and natural environments became the motive force and transportation mechanism for this journey. The lecture will first describe the predicament of a young academic within The UWI system in 1990 and secondly a 21-year “Neo-tropical Animal Research and Production Journey”.  It will then summarise and list some of the important and novel outcomes from this knowledge acquisition adventure. The closing will suggest a sustainable way forward for “Animal Production in the Caribbean” [linking conventional domestic animal and food crop production systems with neo-tropical animal production]; this would involve the need to develop a harmony between neo-tropical animal wildlife conservation, management, production and utilization.

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