UWI Life Student and Information Village

Event Date(s): 29/08/2014

Location: UWI Sport & Physical Education Centre (SPEC)

The UWI Life Student orientation will be held on Friday 29th August from 9am to 3pm. The event targets all first-time undergraduate students. This event is meant to ease students' transition to campus life by providing them with relevant and timely information, as well as a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

It is a two-part event, with a morning session in which new students will be introduced to Campus Management, Faculty Deans, and Heads of Departments; and an afternoon session for students to socialise with the new members of the student body. It will also feature interactive games, giveaways and live entertainment. Students will also be formally introduced to the Principal, Deputy Principal and Deans.

The University Orientation Programme “First Year Experience” (FYE) is the official annual student orientation programme of The UWI, targeting all incoming undergraduate and postgraduate students. FYE will encompass all orientation events including the highly anticipated UWI Life. It will be a yearlong experience to introduce all of our new students to the ins and outs of campus life and to ensure a smooth transition into University life.

UWI Life 2014 comprises three main events: UWI Life Support, UWI Life Prime and UWI Life Student Orientation.



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