FYE: Know Your Library Tours

Event Date(s): 16/09/2014 - 20/09/2014

Location: User Education Centre (UEC), 3rd floor, Alma Jordan Library

FYE – First Year Experience – is a yearlong orientation initiative that consists of a series activities which aim to smoothen the transition to University for all UG & PG UWI students. One of the activities under this initiative is Know Your Library, which aims to familiarise undergraduate students with the reality of the new digital library.  

The extended Know Your Library orientation tours schedule is as follows:  

  • - Tuesday September 16 – 11am; 6pm
  • - Wednesday September 17 – 11am; 1.30pm; 6pm
  • - Thursday September 18 – 11am
  • - Friday September 19 – 6pm
  • - Saturday September 20 – 10am; 3pm

**All tours take place at the Alma Jordan Library 

The tours introduce the students to the library’s resources and services.  Since the majority of its resources now reside in the digital world (accessible on and off campus 24/7), familiarity with the library website is critical. Given this new reality, the “tours” take place in a computer laboratory.  Groups of 25-30 students are taken for 30 minute sessions.  The sessions consist of short videos/demonstrations and are conducted by the librarians.   

There will be a random draw for person attending the tours. These include an iPad and gift vouchers (one each of $800, $600, $400, & $200) redeemable at the UWI Bookshop, etc.

Learn to:

  • - find items on your course reading list
  • - locate information for assignments
  • - do references correctly
  • - access past examination papers 

Keep checking the library website for all relevant information: http://libraries.sta.uwi.edu/ajl/ 

CONTACT: Mr. Yacoob Hosein and Ms. Allison Dolland: 662-2002 ext 82336/82132/82261 or yacoob.hosein@sta.uwi.edu, allison.dolland@sta.uwi.edu