Parking Consultation

Event Date(s): 05/09/2013

Location: JFK Auditorium

The University of the West Indies has experienced a high demand for parking by the stakeholders and users of the Campus, as well as a major traffic congestion issue in the vicinity of The University.

To address this, the Campus Projects Office commissioned a study which was conducted by Lee Young and Partners, on improving parking on the main campus, which suggests a number of possible solutions.

The report by Lee Young and Partners highlights that parking spaces were fully utilised and drivers thus engaged in activities such as double parking, parking near corners and spill-over parking on the grassed areas. 

Following the study, a Parking Consultation is scheduled for September 5, 2013, 2-4pm, at the JFK AUditorium. The townhouse-style meeting aims to engage all stakeholders on the solutions for improving the parking challenges to the Campus, to gauge feedback on experiences of parking on campus, and to ensure that all stakeholder feedback is considered.

Students and staff are invited to attend.


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