School of Veterinary Medicine Open House

Event Date(s): 07/11/2013 - 08/11/2013

Location: School of Veterinary Medicine, Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex

The School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) hosts an Open House from November 7-8, 2013, from 9am-6pm on both days.

The Open House will operate in two phases, one for schools, from 9am-3pm,  and for the general public, from 1pm-6pm. This event aims to sensitise secondary school students to the veterinary profession as a possible career choice, and to make the general public aware of the many facets of veterinary medicine and the roles veterinarians play in society.

The One Health Concept will also be showcased, which demonstrates how the veterinary and medical professions, and the environmental/ecological fields are all inter-related.

The SVM provides a number of exciting and interactive activities over the two days:

- Guided tours

-veterinary exhibits

- demonstrations

- animal displays

- a petting zoo

- horseback rides

- various booths and giveaways

There will also be refreshments on sale.

For more information, please contact: Dr Rod Seepaul | 645-2640 ext. 4328 | rod.seepaul@sta.uwi.edu, or Dr Omar Khan: ext. 4305 | omar.khan2@sta.uwi.edu


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