Professorial Inaugural Lecture- Brent Wilson

Event Date(s): 21/11/2013

Location: Lecture Theatre 1, Block 13, Faculty of Engineering

The University of the West Indies hosts a Professorial Inaugural Lecture presented by Professor Brent Wilson titled "Small Things Can Tell Big Stories: Microscopic Fossils in Eastern Caribbean Geological History."

The lecture will be held at Lecture Theatre 1, Block 13, Faculty of Engineering from 5:30pm.

All are invited.



The eastern Caribbean Sea straddles the crumpled and faulted boundaries between the Caribbean, South American and North American tectonic plates.  Consequently, the region contains some of the world’s most complex palaeo-oceanography and geology.  Micropalaeontology – the study of fossils mostly smaller than 1 mm – is used in the oil and gas industry to determine the age and environment of deposition of marine sedimentary rocks encountered in hydrocarbon wells. It has great promise as a tool for deciphering the region’s oceanographic and geological history, compilations of the results from micropalaeontological work showing how our region has evolved over geological time.  This will be illustrated using four case studies from the Eastern Caribbean and Trinidad and Tobago covering the past 12 million years.  


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