Geography Awareness Week 2013

Event Date(s): 17/11/2013 - 23/11/2013

The Department of Geography hosts Geography Awareness week 2013 with a series of exciting events.

Please click here to view the full schedule of activities.

Geography Awareness Week represents an opportunity for the Caribbean and, more specifically, the Trinibagonian Geographic community to connect with the public on matters and issues of mutual interest and concern.  It also creates solidarity amongst geographic educators, tertiary education institutions, and alumni around the world, and particularly in the US and Canada, for public outreach, interest, and justification of public funding.  In conjunction with international partners, the Department can carefully hone its research agenda to maximize its social and scientific relevance.  It will achieve this in partnership with the National Geographic Society in the US and the Royal Geographical Society in the UK, and with tertiary education institutions.  The Department can also create partnerships for promoting Geography with corporate interests, such as the publishers of Geographic analysis software (ESRI).

The theme for GAW 2013 is aligned with National Geographic’s 125th Anniversary theme of “New Age of Exploration”.  This year’s theme focuses on how geography enables us all, in our own way, to be intrepid explorers of the spaces and places around us. From the earliest times of exploration (the discovery of the New World) people have sought to explore, describe and understand the world they live in. Much of what we know (and dare say, will ever know) of the world today and the places, spaces and environment that have been explored and mapped is due to the inquisitive and fearless nature of geographers who seek to understand the world around them. This quest to discover and understand the world is therefore at the heart of geography and is reflected in this discipline which appreciates human and natural complexities, how they change and how they come to be.