DCFA Cultural Research Colloquium

Event Date(s): 25/11/2013

Location: School of Education Auditorium

Cultural Research Colloquium (CRC) is a Research Day showcasing the research of students from the course THEA 1004 Introduction to Cultural Research Methods. This Level I course exposes students to the basics of cultural research methods and research practice, and requires students to engage in a cultural research process by way of a group research project. As part of their skills development, students are required to present their research ideas, findings and analyses in a forum.

Date: November 25th 2013 | 9am

Venue: School of Education Auditorium, UWI St Augustine Campus  

Students pursuing the performing arts and engaging in cultural-based studies ought to be equipped with the relevant research skills, tools and techniques that would allow them to conduct and present cultural research in a holistic way. Such skills must be honed from the start of a student’s academic career.

Under the theme “Interrogating Contemporary Caribbean Culture: Traditional Impacts, Contemporary Meanings”, the first annual CRC will feature paneled presentations on a range of topics  – the performing arts; carnival; indigenous festivals; visual arts; culture and new media; and the business of culture. The intent is to highlight the significance of Caribbean culture in varying contexts and create a forum for generating new research on Caribbean cultural studies. Introduction to Cultural Research Methods is run by the Carnival Studies Unit, which has been in existence within the Dept of Creative and Festival Arts for some 18 years. 

For further details contact: Michelle Wellington:  662-2002 Ext. 83792 || Dr. Jo-anne Tull: jo-anne.tull@sta.uwi.edu || Ms. Anthea Octave: anthea.octave@sta.uwi.edu