School of Veterinary Medicine Students Research Day

Event Date(s): 06/02/2014

Location: Rooftop Restaurant, Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Champs Fleurs

The University of the West Indies, School of Veterinary Medicine hosts a Students Research Day from 7.45am to noon, at the Rooftop Restaurant, Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Champs Fleurs. All are invited. 

Topics to be presented:

- CA pilot study into the prevalence of Piscine Mycobacteriosis in ornamental fish amongst retailers in Trinidad.

- Characteristics of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli from duck broilers reared under semi-intensive system in Trinidad. 

- A pilot study investigating welfare for dairy cattle in Trinidad, Antigua and Barbados.  

-The Prevalence of Equine Infectious Anaemia Virus in horses in Trinidad.

- Monitoring for priority pathogens affecting the fertility of indigenous dairy cattle in Trinidad.

- To determine the prevalence and associated risk factors of Caprine Arthritis and Encephalitis (CAE) among goats in Trinidad and Tobago.

- Comparing the wound healing capabilities of Neurolaena lobata and Momordica charantia plants used in Trinidad.

- Caseous lymphadenitis in Tobago: characterization of the aetiology and the development of an ELISA test for sero-prevalence studies.

- Prevalence of coccidiosis in finches in Trinidad and determination of the main Isospora species causing the disease in these birds.

- Comparison of classical and molecular techniques for the identification of Eimeria spp. in Poultry in Trinidad.  

For further information, please contact Dr Karla Georges at 645-2640 ext. 4226/4341, or Karla.Georges@sta.uwi.edu

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